Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Community that Only Supports Ron Paul- In Texas

You heard it right. There is a community that only supports Ron Paul. The community is called "Paulville." This is not an online community but a real community. Overall we are seeing people moving to areas that fall in line with their own political beliefs. As a result people are not seeing the other side of a debate. If you are a conservative and live in a conservative town you will not be exposed to the democratic's viewpoint and therefore only confirming your own thoughts.

This has been a concern with the Web. As we are able to customize and control what we see and watch we can filter out any conflicting thoughts. The article I reference above shows how this is happening beyond cyberspace and in real life. I'm curious to see if this separates our nation even further.

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Lance Strate said...

It's a good point. Postman makes the point that virtual communities are not like real communities, because in real communities people have different interests and have to learn how to live with their differences. But now it seems like our actual geography is coming to resemble our virtual landscape.