Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Political Debate. On Twitter?

Here is an interesting podcast about a Twitter debate that happen last Friday between a member of each party political party. Questions were asked in the 140 characters that can be used for Twitter and the answers were Twittered as well. Therefore, as the podcast mentions, it was very informal and forced both those asking and answering to be clear and concise. Additionally the podcast brings up an interesting question: If the framers of the constitution had the Internet at their disposal, how would this have shaped the constitution? and how do we re-define Democracy in the Information Age?

To find out more about the debate go here.


mike's spot said...

if the internet had been around at the time of the framers of the constitution the only differences would be:

internet would be added to amendment 1

amendment 2 would have the comma removed so anti-gun could stop trying to use grammatical context as a point of argument

and I like to think we would have gotten womens voting and black voting in there a bit sooner too.

Lance Strate said...

Andrew Rasiej is a friend, and very insightful on new media. But it comes down to appropriate use, and I have to wonder if this is an appropriate use of the Twitter medium. I suspect that anyone framing a constitution today would prefer to use Microsoft Word.